Work In Progress

Loving Her Scars

Coming May 20, 2017

lovingherscars 3D Book Cover Image

Loving Her Scars is a paranormal shifter romance.

Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scared in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla as long as he can remember. He wasn’t able to save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. He wants their relationship to become more than friends, but he is afraid that Shayla will run when she learns his secret-Adam is a werewolf.
When a powerful werewolf pack leader discovers Shayla’s connection to Adam, Shayla finds herself in danger again and Adam has to reveal his secret identity so he can fight to keep her safe.
Can Shayla learn to love Adam and accept him for who he is, or will her fear of being hurt drive a wedge between them that nothing can overcome?


Other Works On The Horizon


Aurora is the leader of the underworld. She finds herself working amongst humans, in disguise as one of them. Unlike anything humans have ever heard of, she is neither vampire, werewolf, witch, angel, nor demon…she is everything in one. A great war is coming, and Aurora is the key to it all. She will be the deciding factor in who wins, good or evil. Gregor is simply human, and quite the book nerd at that. Aurora cannot understand the pull she feels towards him and fights to ignore it. Can she deny the intense connection with Gregor, and if she does, what consequences could befall the world?



What if you woke up one day and found out your life as you knew it was not real?  That is exactly what happens to Dyontris the morning she is woken by the evil creatures, Narguls, attacking her family and home. Suddenly she finds herself in a world of beauty and wonder, where she is the all powerful savior of not just her people, but the universe. Where she is not human at all, but a powerful ruler of the Danzonites and the soul mate of the great Kaizon. “Dyonitris” brings action, fantasy, romance, and magic in a fast-paced novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly come next.


“Her life was not what she had thought. Her existence in the human world had actually been a farce to keep her safe and hidden from those wishing to kill her because killing her would be key to destroying her world, her kingdom. Her birth had been foreseen for centuries. The Seers had told the prophecy of the one who would be born with the strength of a thousand Gods, a warrior who would save her people and the worlds of many others. Dyonitris was this warrior, the Legioness, and the enemies of her people had waged a war on her world hoping to eliminate her before she matured and reached her full potential and strength. ”


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