Writing When You’re a Reader

I am a huge reader, and I read a lot of books within the genre I write. This is helpful and unhelpful all at the same time. Of course, I believe that the more you read it will help you develop as a writer. Helps you learn what you love so that you can follow your dream, create your own stories, and share them with the world. However, do you ever worry while your writing that maybe you have let someone else’s voice creep into your head without realizing it? I know I have had that concern. I once wrote a story that I absolutely loved and after revising and re-reading it again and again  I worried I had allowed another author to influence my work too much and lost my own voice. What did I do? I took a step back. Walked away from the story for a few days and kept it off of my mind. Before going back, I had others read it and used their feedback to make the story better and make sure it was telling “my” story. The point is, don’t let nerves or doubt in yourself cloud your judgment. If I had I never would have finished this particular story, and in the end, it is one of my favorite pieces to date.


The Escape

My husband just does not understand why I love to read and write. In his eyes I am wasting time, wasting my life away. He has never been able to comprehend how much life I find through reading and writing. I don’t read or write to simply pass the time when I am bored, it is something I actually look forward to and work to make time for in my crazy schedule. Reading and writing are a passion for me because it gives me something I need to stay sane and positive in a world that is often times cruel and unjust, it gives me an escape.

Like many people I have faced hard times in my life, some of which I am facing now. I have faced abuse, ridicule, and loss so I needed something to help me get through the negative times, something to make me smile through my pain. The first place I found that escape was reading. When reading or writing a truly great story, I become completely engrossed in the world and characters of the story. This means that for a brief time I am not worrying about my troubles, or why I was sad about my own situation. Instead, I find myself thinking about the characters and what they are going through; the love they have found, their heartbreak, their losses, and their wins are distractions that help ease my own circumstances.

I am not saying that the way to deal with all of life’s struggles is to put them on the back burner and live vicariously through the lives of fictional characters, but I am saying that making that occasional escape into another world can be refreshing. It can help ease your sorrows if only for a short time and give you the chance to escape to a happier place and come back to your reality with a fresh mind and cooler head.

Why We Love to Love Vampires

I love most things paranormal, but throw in romance and you have really caught my attention. However, there is one paranormal creature that rises above all of the rest…Vampires.

Vampires intrigue us and capture our attention like no other creature. We can see that clearly in media, movies, and books. Vampire stories are written, re-written, and recreated over and over and our love for them never sways. We love them evil, full of gore, fear, blood, and pain, but we also love when they sparkle and fight against evil, eating animals to save human lives.

Obviously, I cannot speak for every person who loves vampires like I do, but for me it is that bad side that really draws me in. Regardless of what vampire story or movie you are looking at they are have one thing in common, that the vampire instinct is evil and the urge to drink blood and kill is incredibly strong. Keeping that in mind, the idea that a vampire would fight to resist their strong animalistic urges for the love of a human or humankind, is something I just cannot resist.

I want the vampire to have bad moments, to fall off the wagon occasionally and come close to losing themselves to that blood lust, that draw to the dark side. Then to see them remember the ones they care about in a flash and pull themselves back from the brink of murder, of turning into an evil bloodthirsty creature, to me that is the ultimate fantasy, the ultimate love story. Who does not want to imagine someone who could love them so much they would turn their lives around for the better to prove that love? Vampires are the ultimate representation of that, and for that reason, I truly believe they will live on in love stories for many more years to come.

The Small Town Girl With Big Dreams

Bonnie Griffin lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. She has been successful in the business world, obtaining her Business Management Associate’s Degree from Miller-Motte College, and becoming a highly successful Branch Manager in the financial industry. Now Bonnie is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as she works on making her dream of being a writer a reality; a dream she has desired since she was only ten years old.

Bonnie grew up in a broken home with a father failing in his third marriage, and his temper that often left her and her siblings as the focus of his anger. Bonnie learned early on that concealing her true feelings was the best way to escape her father’s wrath. Reading became an outlet, a sanctuary, where she could escape the sad and depressing world she lived in and find happiness through the characters in the books she read. It was this sanctuary that led to her desire to create fantasies for others to enjoy in the hopes of creating worlds that readers could use for their own escapes just as she had growing up.

Bonnie has an avid imagination and loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, love. She is currently working on her first full-length Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel about a magical princess who was born to save the universe from the evil that plagues it. It is a story full of action, awe, and romance and is sure to grab the attention of Sci-Fi and Romance fans alike.10338727_843788785635800_1931667359561694193_n