Release Blitz! Malefica by Katie H. Weill

Claudia Matthews turns 18 tomorrow – as long as she can make it through the first day of classes at Oakley High School. It’s more than her inherent strangeness that keeps her from fitting in. Her ill-tempered service dog, Luca, isn’t winning her friends and her class schedule is even less welcoming, dropping her into the government- mandated, “The History of Witches”. They are real, she’s been told. They are powerful, and evil – yet Claudia wants to know if that’s actually a universal truth. Are all witches really that bad? When a mysterious gift appears, dark secrets are cast into the light, and the world as she knows it may change forever. Now armed with questions, Claudia will need to figure out if it’s truly worth finding the truth when textbooks don’t hold all the answers. Drawn into a world of hidden covens and regulated magic, she may learn more than she bargained for. Now Claudia has to fight the lure of power and a temptation much more passionate…or lose herself to both. The truth could set her free… or damn her forever.



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New from Author Jamie Lynn Boothe

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*** New Release! ***

Her faith is tested as she tries to survive the Hell her life has become.
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Blessed with a good life and the perfect love, Sam couldn’t be happier. On vacation with her adoring husband, she is convinced that everything is exactly as it should be…until it’s not. One accident sets off a string of events that forces Sam to watch her life fall apart piece by piece. Loss, grief, betrayal—and the revelation of a long-kept secret have Sam questioning whether she will ever be able to find the happiness she once had. She’s broken, her heart shattered, her trust ruined, and her faith is tested as she tries to survive the hell her life has become. Now Sam needs to decide if she’s brave enough to move on, or if she’ll never again find a love worth living for.


Jamie Lynn Boothe is from the south and will always be a southerner at heart. He currently lives in Connecticut. Jamie loves to write stories that will touch someones heart and soul to the depths and at the same time have them sitting on the edge of their seat. He is currently with Limitless Publishing and is excited about what the future holds. Along with writing he also enjoys reading, art, music, movies, cats, naps on occasion, coffee and time with friends and watching sports. His favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees.

Voices In My Head

Some days it feels like the idea well has run dry. That this whole writer thing might have run its course, then days like today happen. I’m trying to edit one book, but three different ideas won’t stop fighting for attention in my head. I’ve drawn the conclusion that there are tiny people who live in there and they are the ones who feed me inspiration for new work. It also seems that they take breaks, or vacations, and when they return it’s with a vengeance. They are very narcissistic, these tiny people, all insistent that their idea is the best. I don’t envy them, my parasitic tine people, because they have a hard job. They have to come up with story ideas that will capture my attention and my attention span can be short. If their ideas make it past my multitasking mayhem, then they have to attract the attention of readers. It’s not an easy job, but somebody must do it. These tiny people with their crazy thoughts and their insistence that everything they create is the best, they are the muse to my fingertips, the Picasso to my creativity, and the heart of my stories. My heart is with my tiny people, and they say I’ve got to go…another argument over who gets their story written next needs my supervision–as I’m sure you can understand.


Continue Creating The Fantasy

I have been told there is no way I can be a writer because I live in a small town in North Carolina. All my life I have been told I needed to be sensible and go to school for something I could actually use to make money and get a “real” Job. Well to all of the people who urged me to give up on my dreams and only pursue a career that would leave me feeling empty, this is for you.

I may never be famous, or make any money writing the stories I love, but I will love every minute of it. Bringing imagination and love together, creating new worlds where fantasy becomes reality, if only in a book, is the greatest joy I can imagine. I will never give up and never stop writing and even if I only touch one person with my stories then all of my work will have been worth it.


Coming Soon: Loving Her Scars (Cover Reveal coming April 28, 2017)

Loving Her Scars is a paranormal shifter romance.

Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scared in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla as long as he can remember. He wasn’t able to save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. He wants their relationship to become more than friends, but he is afraid that Shayla will run when she learns his secret-Adam is a werewolf.
When a powerful werewolf pack leader discovers Shayla’s connection to Adam, Shayla finds herself in danger again and Adam has to reveal his secret identity so he can fight to keep her safe.
Can Shayla learn to love Adam and accept him for who he is, or will her fear of being hurt drive a wedge between them that nothing can overcome?


Love Crossing Dimensions

I absolutely love a great love story between a human and a creature of another species. Give me vampires, werewolves, dragons, and even certain aliens who fall in love with a mere human and I melt like a lovesick teenage girl.

I become completely enraptured by the journey of two of these different species finding themselves falling in love with each other. No matter how many different stories are written, each time it is completely new. What obstacles will they face? Will the human somehow become like the mystical creature or develop powers? Was there already something extra special about the human that drew this mystical being to her/him?

There are always so many questions which means so much wonder and excitement with these extra special love stories. Sure, I realize there are multiple stories out there of this kind of romances but the extra wonderful thing about writing about mythical creatures is that there are no rules. What one writer’s dragon is capable of, or originates from can be completely different from that of another writer; the possibilities are limitless. That means you could read thousands of stories about vampires, or werewolves, or dragons and be completely surprised by new worlds each and every time. When you really stop to think about that, how could you not get excited every time you pick up a new book that you know is a part of this wonderful world of fantasy?