Bonnie’s Inspirations

As someone who has loved to read since I was a young child, there has been an endless supply of inspiration for me as a writer throughout my life. My love for reading all began when I read “Black Beauty” in elementary school. I fell in love and it became the first book I would love so much I had to read it over and over again.


When I was in the fifth grade I joined the Academically Gifted program for English and that is where I was introduced to Edgar Allen Poe. His poems were so different from anything the typical elementary aged child was exposed to and being the nerd, and self-proclaimed weirdo that I am, I fell in love with his dark work immediately. Reading and analyzing his short story “The Black Cat” opened my mind to new possibilities and helped me understand that there is more to a story than the simple words written in black and white, you have to dig deep sometimes and find the true meaning within.


As I have grown I have read hundreds and hundreds of stories, and my love of reading has grown into the love of writing my own stories. Like some of my favorite authors, such as J.R. Ward, Anne Rice, and Stephanie Meyer, (yes I am a huge Twilight junkie), I want to create new magical worlds for other readers, like myself, to dive into. I want to bring the magic to life, through action, love, loss, heartbreak, and victory. I can only hope that one day my writing can inspire even one person the way I have been inspired by so many authors over my years.


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