Continue Creating The Fantasy

I have been told there is no way I can be a writer because I live in a small town in North Carolina. All my life I have been told I needed to be sensible and go to school for something I could actually use to make money and get a “real” Job. Well to all of the people who urged me to give up on my dreams and only pursue a career that would leave me feeling empty, this is for you.

I may never be famous, or make any money writing the stories I love, but I will love every minute of it. Bringing imagination and love together, creating new worlds where fantasy becomes reality, if only in a book, is the greatest joy I can imagine. I will never give up and never stop writing and even if I only touch one person with my stories then all of my work will have been worth it.



Coming Soon: Loving Her Scars (Cover Reveal coming April 28, 2017)

Loving Her Scars is a paranormal shifter romance.

Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scared in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla as long as he can remember. He wasn’t able to save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. He wants their relationship to become more than friends, but he is afraid that Shayla will run when she learns his secret-Adam is a werewolf.
When a powerful werewolf pack leader discovers Shayla’s connection to Adam, Shayla finds herself in danger again and Adam has to reveal his secret identity so he can fight to keep her safe.
Can Shayla learn to love Adam and accept him for who he is, or will her fear of being hurt drive a wedge between them that nothing can overcome?