I love most things paranormal, but throw in romance and you have really caught my attention. However, there is one paranormal creature that rises above all of the rest…Vampires.

Vampires intrigue us and capture our attention like no other creature. We can see that clearly in media, movies, and books. Vampire stories are written, re-written, and recreated over and over and our love for them never sways. We love them evil, full of gore, fear, blood, and pain, but we also love when they sparkle and fight against evil, eating animals to save human lives.

Obviously, I cannot speak for every person who loves vampires like I do, but for me it is that bad side that really draws me in. Regardless of what vampire story or movie you are looking at they are have one thing in common, that the vampire instinct is evil and the urge to drink blood and kill is incredibly strong. Keeping that in mind, the idea that a vampire would fight to resist their strong animalistic urges for the love of a human or humankind, is something I just cannot resist.

I want the vampire to have bad moments, to fall off the wagon occasionally and come close to losing themselves to that blood lust, that draw to the dark side. Then to see them remember the ones they care about in a flash and pull themselves back from the brink of murder, of turning into an evil bloodthirsty creature, to me that is the ultimate fantasy, the ultimate love story. Who does not want to imagine someone who could love them so much they would turn their lives around for the better to prove that love? Vampires are the ultimate representation of that, and for that reason, I truly believe they will live on in love stories for many more years to come.


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